My Discovery Shores Experience


It was the best!

Why did I only booked one night at this posh hotel/resort?

My best friend is getting married at DSB. I wanted to book here and try to experience lang how to stay in a luxury hotel.

Early October they had a promo for November. Since I already booked at Henann Prime for my 4 days in Boracay, I booked my first night in Discovery Shores. So, I need to rebook my flight tuloy for November 24th to 23rd. But rebooking is expensive, I booked a new flight. Got lucky though, coz CebuPacific cancelled my flight on the 24th. Nakakuha ako ng refund πŸ™‚

Anyway, I asked my dad if I can use the card and book my stay at DSB and will pay him na lang. He said yes, and I immediately confirmed my booking and paid right away.

I already imagined how I’m going to spend my first two days in Boracay.

I arrived at Caticlan on November 23rd at 6:30am. Found Ms. Julie waiting outside holding a DSB logo. I went to her and she said Ms. Vinluan? I said yes and she took my luggage, I told her ako na lang, but she said she has it.

She said we’ll wait for the van lang. And she gave me a bracelet with DSB logo. Ang cute.

Van came, and driver introduced himself as Ivan, greeted me a good morning and welcomed me. Siguro mga more than 5 minutes we arrived at the Fairways Welcome Center. Walang tao, ako lang. Hahaha

Ivan told me na we’ll wait for the boat lang be ready then alis na kame.

Few more mins, he went to me and said alis na kame, took my luggage and we walked. Introduced me to the boat driver (huhu I forgot kuya’s name 😦 ) he then took my luggage from Ivan and greeted me a good morning.

When we reached the boat, a lady was standing sa door holding a tray with cold towels. She offered ’em, took one coz nagpaa ako paakyat ng boat dahil may water and I dont know why pero I wore my Birkenstock kase.

Another lady approached me and handed me a bottled water and oatmeal cookie. I said thank you.

Then the boat attendant, Ms Grace introduced herself and welcomed me. Gave some instructions. And off we go.

We reached the jetty port in less than 10mins. They all said enjoy or something. Another driver, I think I heard he said his name was Audrey. He offered me mentos and greeted me. A little chit chat on the road. He showed me where Henann is located and said that pwede nila ako ihatid don when I check out at DSB. We reached DSB, everyone greeted me good morning again (hahaha totoo lang sa sobrang nice nila, napagod ako sumagot ng good morning and thank you sa kanila, but I love it. Kase ang babait nila). A guy gave me my welcome drink, and a girl named Nikka introduced herself and walked me to my room. She said that my room is available na (yey), and its only past 7. She showed me the room and gave me instructions and told me I can have my welcome foot wash later pag nakapag rest na ako. She asked for a P2500 deposit and left the room.

I looooooved my room, I booked for a Junior Suite, it has king size bed (well, one double and one single na pinagtabi), a day bed, a 42″ flat tv, mini bar, fridge, a/c, nespresso machine, etc. I took a nap, since wala pa akong tulog since Tuesday.

Naka 1 hour din ata ako ng nap. Later on met up with Sally and Len sa resto. Tapos we left na for lunch and I went back to my room gabi na. Waaah

When I got back, they prepared my room na rin for sleeping. Turndown service they say. I dont know, its my first time. Hahhaah

I love the animal made in towel in the day bed. They already served the pandan water and my welcome snacks.

Only took a shower coz I had to meet with the guys for a drink.

Went back to my room around 1. And I prepared myself to sleep.

Btw, had an issue with my bathroom. Water from drainage was overflowing and really smells bad. I called the front desk about it, pero walang dumating until I left that day eh. When I took a shower naman nung evening, ok sya. But the next morning, it overflowed again, I called the front desk again and sent someone from housekeeping. After checking, she said, may papapuntahin from I dont know where. But no one came. I even went to the front desk na rin to mention the problem pero wala talaga dumating to fix it. Until I checked out, so di ako nakapag shower.

But overall, I love my stay at Discovery Shores. I promise to go back.


Dear Diet Delivery


Its my second week with the diet delivery. This time, nag-order ako sa Dear Diet Delivery. Their food looks yummy kase. And what I like about them, free delivery and meron silang coffee sa menu plus lemon water (well, they just give cup with slices of lemon and ikaw na maglagay ng water).

Day 6 (Sept. 5, 2016):

Breakfast: Strawberry Banana French Toast
Lunch: Chicken Lazone Linguine
Snacks: Nutella Muffin and Banana
Dinner: Korean Beef Rice

With Detox Water and Coffee

Verdict: Breakfast: Strawberry Banana French Toast
– I love the french toast. Di ko lang nalasahan na may banana pala. Pero masarap!!!Lunch: Chicken Lazone Linguine
– First time ko matikman, pero parang carbonara lang naman din. Medyo may pagka maanghang lang yun chicken, pero masara pa rin.

Snacks: Nutella Muffin and Banana
– Muffin… good!

Dinner: Korean Beef Rice
– I like it. Di dry yun rice and tender yun beef.

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Dear Diary Day 1

Day 7 (Sept. 6, 2016)

Breakfast: The Daily Oats Blueberry & Oreo Cheesecake
Lunch: Thai Curry Chicken Rice
Snacks: Dear Diet’s Carrot Cake and Fruit
Dinner: Cheesy Beef Double Decker Pizza
With Detox Water and Coffee
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Verdict: Breakfast: The Daily Oats Blueberry & Oreo Cheesecake
– Ang SARAP! Never knew oats could be this yummy!

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The Daily Oats Blueberry & Oreo Cheesecake

Lunch: Thai Curry Chicken Rice
– Ok. Spicy lang for me. But of course its curry.

Snacks: Dear Diet’s Carrot Cake and Fruit
– Love the carrot cake, di sya lasang carrot. Ganon pala yon. Hehehe

Dinner: Cheesy Beef Double Decker Pizza
– No plan of eating dinner na sana, kaso ginutom din ako around 9. So I ate it. Aba, ang sarap!!!

Day 8 (Sept. 7, 2016)
Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Waffles
Lunch: Spaghetti & Meatball Soup
Snacks: Brownies and Fruit
Dinner: Irish Beef Stew and Rice
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Day 3 Dear Diet PH

Verdict: Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Waffles
– Di ko medyo type. Parang may something na di ko gusto eh. Siguro sanay lang ako na fruits or chocolate and kasama ng waffles ko. πŸ™‚

Lunch: Spaghetti & Meatball Soup
– Bitin. Hihi masarap din.

Snacks: Brownies and Fruit
– I like that the brownies is not too sweet. Pinartneran ko sya ng coffee!! Ayos! I ate the grapes after dinner na.

Dinner: Irish Beef Stew and Rice
– Di ko rin masyado type. Pero ok sya. Mali ko kase, humigop ako ng sabaw ng sinigang before kumain. Nasira yun lasa.

Day 9 (Sept. 8, 2016)
Breakfast: Breakfast Beef & Grilled Cheese
Lunch: Pork Chops with Lemon Cream Sauce Rice
Snacks: Chocolate Muffin and Fruit

Dinner: Chicken and Corn Chowder

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Day 4 Dear Diet PH

Verdict: Breakfast: Breakfast Beef & Grilled Cheese
– Sarap sya! I thought omelette sya hahaha pero parang pita.

I ate the Chowder for lunch. A little spicy. And since I love clam chowder, syempre nanibago ako. Haha

Day 10 (Sept. 9, 2016)

Breakfast: The Daily Oats Strawberry Nutty Raisins
Lunch: Bacolod Style Pork Inasal Rice
Snacks: Ube Cupcake and Fruit
Dinner: Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts & Couscous

Cheat Day Weekend


Haay finally a break from my 1200cal. Hahaha Kala mo ang tagal na. Bitin na bitin lang talaga ako sa food. Mahirap mabigla, but ok lang yan. Para sa akin din yon.

Anyway, Saturday we had breaded porkchop for lunch and left over for dinner. Sinubukan ko na konti ang kainin.

Breakfast, nanlibre si madam ng McDo. I ate 1-1/2 ng pancakes and a hashbrown. Meryenda, nag spam sandwich kame.

Sunday, I had 2 pcs of pandesal. Sinawsaw ko lang sa coffee. Haha

Lunch, baby back ribs. Di ako nag-rice, but nag mashed potato and half ng corn.

Processed with Snapseed. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Baby Back Ribs with Mashed Potato and Corn

Plastic yang nasa plate ko, three na maliit na ribs lang kinain ko. Di ko rin naubos yun mashed potato. Pero nabusog ako. Ang saya ng tummy ko.

Meryenda and dinner, pinag isa na. Nag-take out kame ng cheeseburger from Sweet Ecstacy and half a dozen of buffalo wings.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Prince at Sweet X

I didnt a take a pic of our food, gutom na kase. Hahaha di ko rin naubos yun burger ko. I only had 2 pcs of chicken, medyo naumay ako. Wingman’s still my fave.

This is my third time at Sweet X, first time was last year pero I only ordered the Sriracha Wings, Onion Rings and Kahlua Mocha shake. Second time just wings. I wanted to order sana ng shake, kaso naisip ko rin masyadong mahal ang 160 for a small cup. This is my first time mag-order ng burger. Masarap sya, parang burger sa States. Ang juicy. Parang Whopper nung bago pa lang ang Burger King dito sa Pinas. Sulit naman na saken ang P195 Cheeseburger. The Buffalo Wings though, naumay ako. And I think mayo lang yun dip na binigay.

Went to 6750 rin, Thina called and she and Terence will be in Makati daw. If pwede dinner, but I said kakabili ko lang ng food. Coffee na lang.

She’s about to pop, excited nako for their baby.


LunchBox Diet


Okay, ayoko naman talaga sana mag-ganito pero no choice na ako. I cant exercise yet, and ang hirap mag-diet. Masyadong magastos ang mag-grocery pa at bumili ng mga ingredients na pang-diyeta. Plus, tamad akong magluto.

Three months before Sally’s wedding and I’m 130 lbs. I gained 4lbs since the operation. Hahaha di ko matanggap. Dati 124 lang naman ako eh, then nag 126 ako before ma-operahan or 2 weeks after. (Katatapos ko lang kase kumain nung mga time na nagpapa-check up ako at tinitimbang). So di ko sure talaga kung normal ko yun 126, coz ang tagal ko nang 124.

Bukod sa beach wedding na gusto kong paghandaan, kailangan bumaba ang BP ko. Kinda mataas kase ang BP ko, found out 2014 pa. Kaya need ko rin ang maging healthy.

And these diet delivery foods are cheap and healthy. But, compare saken, mahal na ito. Kase they cost P340/day or P1700/5 days. Libre lang kase pagkain ko dahil nasa bahay lang naman ang opisina. But kung mag-grocery ako, 2k plus inaabot ko then di ko maharap lutuin, sayang lang.

Nag-search ako for a week kung alin ang ok. Found LunchBox Diet, Fit Food Manila, Happy Fit Manila, Sexy Diet, Dear Diet Delivery, GourmadePH, etc. Mga hinanap ko are: free delivery, masarap na food, price and yun may ok na selection ng menu.

Winner is LunchBox Diet. I contacted them for free consultation. They suggested I get the 1500cal for my first week and 1200cal na sa susunod. But mas namamahalan na ako. (Kuripot mode). I ordered 1200cal pa rin.

Day 1 (Aug. 29, 2016) Menu:
Breakfast: Banana Cocoa Oatmeal
Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese
Dinner: Five Spice Fish Filet with Citrus Ponzu Sauce and Red Rice
Snacks: Strawberry Loaf Slice and Crackers with Cheese Pimiento Dip

I asked them if ok lang mag-coffee, yes daw but dapat decaf. (wala kame non, hahha so nag-brewed pa rin ako, pero nag-sip lang ako.)

Verdict: Breakfast: Banana Cocoa Oatmeal
– Okay naman, syempre knowing me mas gusto ko kung mas sweet pa sya. But not complaining kase di naman matabang. Kaya, OK sya.

Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese:
– I like my spaghetti very maasim. But it tastes good naman. Not sweet and may pinch ng asim. OK din.

Dinner: Five Spice Fish Fillet with Citrus Ponzu Sauce and Red Rice
– This is my fave. Masarap yun fillet. I like the sauce.

Snacks: Strawberry Loaf Slice and Crackers with Cheese Pimiento Dip:
– Simple lang yun loaf, di maasim kaya masarap din sya.
– Skyflakes Fit, ok naman pala sya. And the dip, not so maalat. OK din.

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Day 1

Day 2 (Aug. 30, 2016) Menu:
Breakfast: Egg Foo Young and Whole Wheat Pan de sal
Lunch: Lemon Rosemary Fish Fillet and Red Rice
Dinner: Ground Pork & Shredded Veggies with Peanut Sauce and Red Rice
Snacks: Blueberry Muffin and Fruit

Verdict: Breakfast: Egg Foo Young and Whole Wheat Pan de sal
– Medyo maanghang yun sauce.

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Day 2 Breakfast

Lunch: Lemon Rosemary Fish Fillet and Red Rice
– A little dry, pwede na.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Day 2 Lunch

Snacks: Blueberry Muffin
– Good!

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Day 2 Snack 1

Dinner: Ground Pork & Shredded Veggies with Peanut Sauce and Red Rice
– Didnt like it. Di ko lang type lasa. Its just me ah, not that the food tastes bad. Ako lang talaga ang may di gusto. Di lang pasado sa panlasa ko, parang iba eh. Hahaha sorry naman.

Day 3 (Aug. 31, 2016):
Breakfast: Apple Cider Chicken Glazed w/ Smoked Paprika Salad Vinaigrette
Lunch: Pork Tenderloin w/ Chimichuri and Red Rice
Snacks: Pianono and Crackers with Roasted Garlic Dip
Dinner: Chinese Pepper Steak with Red Rice

BTW, I ate crackers for breakfast and I ate the salad as my snack.

Verdict: Snack: Apple Cider Chicken Glazed w/ Smoked Paprika Salad Vinaigrette
– Too maasim. Hahaha not my kind of asim on salad. I didnt like it.

Lunch: Pork Tenderloin w/ Chimichuri and Red Rice
– Its good. Ang saya ko lang na medyo malaki yun part ng ulam ko so pinapak ko na lang yun natira.

Dinner: Chinese Pepper Steak with Red Rice
– Masarap din naman sya. Parang sweet & sour beef. I like it!!

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Day 3

Day 4 (Sept. 1, 2016)
Breakfast: Arroz Caldo Chicken
Lunch: Tuyo Pasta
Snacks: Cheese Puto & Homemade Biko
Dinner: Dry Pork Sinigang with Red Rice

Verdict: Breakfast: Arroz Caldo Chicken
– I like the lugaw itself, not the chicken. Its maasim, breast kase. Alam naman natin maasim asim ang lasa ng chicken breast. No reklamo here ah!

Lunch: Tuyo Pasta
– I like tuyo, pag inulam. I never tried it with champorado kahit pair sila. So weird for me ang lasa but I finished it. Masarap din sya. Ayoko lang ng after taste tagal nawala eh. HEHEHE

Snacks: Cheese Puto & Homemade Biko
– I ate the puto nung afternoon, hmm no reklamo din. Di ko lang type. Biko though, simple and ok.

Dinner: Dry Pork Sinigang with Red Rice
– Now this is different. San ka nakakita ng sinigang pero walang sabaw? Hhehe pero masarap ah, pag tinikman mo yun pork and veggies it does taste sinigang. Pero pag sinama mo na sa rice, nawala yun lasa nya. I like that the pork is tender. I still like it.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Day 4

Day 5 (Sept. 2, 2016)

Breakfast: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Lunch: Fish Fillet with Sambal Sauce and Red Rice
Snacks: Yogurt and Pineapple Chunk Jelly
Dinner: Asian Beef with Snow Peas and Red Rice

Verdict: Breakfast: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
– Parang asado roll. Hihi masarap naman din. Its ok.

Lunch: Fish Fillet with Sambal Sauce and Red Rice
– Its nice. Medyo naanghangan ako, pero masarap sya.

Snacks: Yogurt and Pineapple Chunk Jelly
– Ginawa kong panghimagas yun pineapple, in fairness parang fresh na pineapple ginamit and not yun mga naka pack na. Yogurt, I ate in the evening, di sya parang Nestle yogurt na may fruit bits, and good coz di masyadong lasa fruit salad.

Dinner: Asian Beef with Snow Peas and Red Rice
– It tastes good. Ang dami ng beef, bitin ako sa rice talaga. Hahaha ang hirap pag rice person ka. So pinapak ko na lang yun tira ko.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Day 5

Ang pagkakamali ko dito, I should’ve get the 1500 or 1800 cal count. Nabigla yun pagkatao ko sa konting pagkain. Hahaha

I give LBD 3.5 stars. I will order to them again next time.



New do


Ang tagal ko nang gusto magpagupit. Pero kung di ko maharap, wala akong pera or simpleng tinatamad lang ako. Also, gusto ko kase magpa-kulay ng hair kaya need ko talaga ng money coz mahal sya.

Anyways, gusto ko sana muna humanap ng ibang salon na medyo mas mura. I texted Jem and asked if san na ba sya nagpapagupit. She said David’s, pero try ko na lang daw mag Fix. Ang tagal ko na di nagpapagupit sa Fix, I think since 2010. When I tried Piandre. Then, Creations na.

Kaka-google ko ng Fix, nakita ko yun Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell. High end sya ng Fix. Saw their Facebook page and Instagram account maganda mga gawa nila. Actually, sa hair color ako na-attract.

I called them and made an appointment on Sunday at 2pm. Pero haircut lang coz duda ko mahal ang color.

Sunday, medyo nahirapan akong hanapin yun salon. The lady told me kase sa taas daw ng Zara, di lang nabanggit na 4th floor pala sya. Hehehe Bought ice blended mocha muna at CBTL then umakyat nako. Told the receptionist I have appointment.

Wala pang 5 minutes nahatid na ako sa loob. Paolo, asked me kung ano papagawa ko. Chika chika muna. Nung una akala ko sya na gagawa saken. Hahaha

He gave me a robe then nilagyan na nung uhm, cover hhaha I dont know what its called.

Then, Ms. Shella came na and kinausap na ako. I told herΒ  I want to cut my hair short but I have a wedding to attend sa November and abay ako so I dont want my hair that short naman. She said lagpas shoulder and lalagyan nya ng layers. I miss layered hair.

Tagal ko nag-decide if I want to color my hair. May napili sana ako, but it’ll take 7 hours daw and 7k. Waaah another color pa costs 5k daw, and 3 hours lang.

After i-shampoo hair ko, nag-decide din ako magpa hightlights. I asked if keri bang matapos ng 6pm coz may dinner ako. In fairness natapos ako bandang 6. I said highlights na lang para mas mabilis lang. Di nako nagpalagay ng base color. Medyo kabado na rin ako kase baka kulangin din dala kong money. Pagtapos ko nag-decide medyo nagsisi ako and sa isip ko sana nga nag-antay na lang ako ng isa pang weekend para sure na may money ako.

But hey, maganda rin kinalabasan ng hair ko kahit


Parang ulam ang buhok ko na dapat na itago sa fridge. Hahaha

See that supot? Binabalot nila bags ng mga customers. For protection I guess.


Thank you Ms. Shella, I love my hair.

And today, Monday, first time to wash my hair. Back to normal. Ang wavy/curly hair ko. But I still love it.


Back to work. And my red lips are back too.

By the way, today is my first day of work after my operation.

Project: Alis Myoma


Hahahaha natawa lang ako sa title ko.

Last January, I found out na meron akong myoma.

Side kwento: October of last year, I felt something sa puson ko. Merong matigas and masaket. I thought baka dahil kay Aunt Irma. November, naramdaman ko na naman sya, and nataon Aunt Irma again. Pero medyo bothered nako. December, magpapa-check up dapat ako but naging busy coz Christmas season and then parating na naman si Aunt Irma.)
So January, finally nakapagpa-check up ako. OB said, kailangan ko ma-ultrasound. Result says, Myoma. She told me na it is big, if I remember it right parang 18cm sinabi nya. Pero nakita ko naman sa result 12 something cm lang. She said, there are 4 masses. The other one is behind ng ovary ko and di na nya masyado pang makita. And maliit na yun iba.

She told me kailangan operahan, but she’ll remove my uterus. Natulala ako, di nako magkaka-baby? Ever? She said na nasa uterus ko yun mass. I asked kung meron bang ibang way para maalis. Injection daw or pills. But it will take months or years. Sa laki raw ng myoma ko, matagal daw aabutin.Β  Injection naman daw, at least 6 months and 8k something na ang cheapest.

Pinag isipan ko muna maigi. Then, nagpa second opinion ako in Makati Med. I brought my ultrasound and showed it to the doctor. She told me na yeah kailangan ako operahan. But no need to worry coz she will try di magalaw ang uterus ko. She said nasa labas naman daw ito. Yun isang maliit, na nakadikit sa ovary ko di na raw nya gagalawin. Kase possible daw mag continues bleeding ako, wala sya magagawa kungdi alisin ito. Kaya iwan na lang daw since maliit pa lang naman sya.

April, I told her na sige itutuloy ko na operation. No choice ako but to undergo abdominal myomectomy. Hindi raw pwedeng laparoscopic or hysteroscopic coz it’s big na. I asked if possible bang bikini cut, no daw because nasa ibabaw ng matris ko and malayo para kunin. Hahaha ok, worth a try.

Syempre mga unang naisip ko was, magkakaron ako ng malaking scar, pano na ang pag-two piece? As if diba. But mas gustuhin ko nang may scar ako kesa naman every 30 minutes naiihi ako, kesa sobrang laki ng puson ko, or di ako makahiga ng naka-dapa, or lagi ko iingatan puson ko kase ang saket pag natatamaan ng kahit ano.

Told my OB I will have my operation on June kase marami pang lakad dahil summer. Hahaha but sa dami pa ng mga tests for clearance, and Aunt Irma, inabot pa ako ng 3rd week of June.

On June 23rd, nagpa-admit na ako para sa preparations pa. I booked for small private room lang, but they upgrade my room to large private.Β  But fees are same lang sa small private.


Just less than 2 mins before I head to the operating room. With my bantays. πŸ˜€

Operation schedule was 7am of June 24. 6am pa lang, sinundo nako sa room ko para i-prepare ako. Gosh sobrang lamig pala sa operating room.

Anesthesiologist introduced herself. Sya na rin naglagay ng IV ko coz yun nilagay saken ng nurses eh naputukan ako ng ugat. Hahaha first time ko makitang sumirit dugo ko πŸ˜€

After ko lagyan ng oxygen, wala nako natandaan. Naramdaman ko lang was groggy nako. Next thing I know, dumilat ako sa recovery room na. Around 11am. Hinatid ako sa room ko ng 12nn. Uhaw na uhaw ako and 4pm pa raw ako pwede uminom ng water. Since nagising ako sa recovery room, di nako nakatulog ulet.

Nakakatawa pa kase pagpasok sa room ko, nakita ko sila Ate Weng and Dada having lunch, from Pancake House. Nag-react pa ako and niloko ko sila. Nagmamadali nga raw sila kumain para di ko sila abutan. Hehehehe

I immediately texted mommy, ate and Sally. And called daddy agad. Been staring sa clock and hinihintay ang 4pm dahil sobrang uhaw na ako.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

4pm na, pwede na mag-water!

At exactly 4pm, uminom agad ako, pero not too much. Nagdahan dahan lang ako sa pag-sip ng water. Syempre happy na ako. Though warm water lang muna ininom ko.

Umuwi na rin si ate Weng ng 7ish.

Dumalaw sila Daddy and madi after work. Nood lang kame ng tv. Dumating din sila Derick and Alei.

Saturday, maaga aga rin nagising. Inalis na rin catheter ko ng 10am. Na-miss ko naka-catheter coz never ako nakaramdam ng nawi-wiwi ako. Hahaha

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Mahal ko to! Napakalaking tulong para di ko maramdaman saket. Sana pwede rin sa feelings. πŸ˜€

After lunch, dumalaw si tita Ning. Nagulat naman ako. hahaha sinabi pala ni Mommy.

Then sila Yoyce and Sarah.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

May mga anghel na bumisita.

Mark and Tasha came din. Sayang wala kami picture. Pero totoo lang ah, RX peeps, nagkikita lang pag may na-ospital, may namatayan or umuwi galing ibang bansa. Di pwedeng regular na araw lang? Yun gusto lang natin magkita? Hahaha

Sunday, Dada went to Mcdo for breakfast. Natakam ako, bitin yun breakfast and nag-crave ako sa orange juice.

Doctor says pwede na ako umuwi ng monday. Yey!

Tintin visited din nung afternoon. Katuwa, may dala sya from Conti’s. Kakatawa kase akala nya di pa ako pwede kumain. Hehehe

Dad and madi came din before nag-church, para makanood lang daw sila ng tv. Hahaha pero nagpa-meryenda sila, yehey!

Mga early evening naman Jem and family visited. Stayed for a while.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

With Jem

It was my last night sa hospital. Derick and Alei visited din pala.

Monday morning, excited na ako umuwi. Yun lang, late check out. Ang tagal ng doctor and ng approval or computation from insurance company.

Doctor showed me gano kalaki naalis, waaah ang laki. Hahaha

Nakalabas ako past 4 na. And btw, worth it ang tagal ng paghintay sa insurance coz ang laki ng na-save namin, and from Philhealth.


Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

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Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

Tyne messaged me two weeks ago and nag-aya ng unli sangria at Eight Coffee Bar. Syempre, game ako. Miss ko na kaya mag-sangria. Kasama daw Domz and Mike. So, set kame August 13.

Friday, medyo nag-alangan na ako. Wala pa palang sahod. But since naka oo na ako, at gusto ko lumabas tumuloy ako. Buti na lang din, coz di na nakasunod sila Mike and Domz. Nataon kase merong PokemonGo something sa Eastwood. Tapos maulan pa.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Sabado night with Tyne.

Nag-enjoy naman kame ni Tyne. Masarap ang food, and not too pricey. Ang kaso, wala silang unlimited sangria that day. Naubusan daw sila ng wine na ginagamit for the unli sangria. But, available ang sangria nila. So, magkaiba pala ang wine na gamit nila. Di ko masyado type yun house sangria (P280) nila. I ordered different drink on my second glass, saw this Milky Way (P350) sa menu. It has Bailey’s, Kahlua, Espresso and Half & Half. Wow Bailey’s! Naka 2 glasses ako of Milky Way.

Yun food, I ordered Cheese and Spinach with garlic bread (P280). Hmm parang baliktad ah?! Tyne ordered Chicken Pesto Quesadilla (P220), its also good. At dahil nasarapan kame sa food namin, inuwi pa namin yun left over namin. Hahaha

Nakuha ko na rin yun pinabili kong tumbler. Yehey!!!

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Got my Starbucks Tokyo Tumbler, thanks Tyne.