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Kuya J Restaurant

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Nice naman ang Menu, magazine ang dating.

Medyo gusto ko to i-try last week pa. I saw it kase sa Jazz Mall, parang sosi sya. Kaso since sabi ni Jonah parang Max’s lang sya at katapat na lang rin ang Vikings, eh mag Vikings na lang, di ko tuloy nasubukan.

Then, nag aya si bro pa-gas kame at Landers kase nga sale sila. Eh wow sa pila, blockbuster, naisip namin kain na lang kame sa Landers. But gabi na, 2 na lang natitira nila food, pizza and bucket of chicken. Ayaw namin.

Eh nasa labas lang ang Kuya J, sinubukan namin. Aba parang sosi naman sa loob.

Ordered Pork Sisig (P200), Bangus ala Pobre (250), Crab rice plater (P175), Ube halo halo (P109) and Pitcher of Iced tea (P120). Masarap yun rice, just that di sya lasang crab. Parang margarine rice lang sya with super few crab bits. The sisig, hmm nope. The bangus, yon ang masarap. Only Alei ordered the halo halo, and masarap naman daw sya. Yun shaved ice nya ang ube, so no ube ice cream ito. Sobrang soft, parang Bingsu.

The place is nice, but siguro di na ako mag aaya ulet dito. At least natikman.


Henann Prime Beach Resort


Transferred to Henann Prime after checking out at DSB. And I love that when I left DSB I was with friends, sinama pa sila sa paghatid.

Checking in was smooth. Had to sign something lang and deposited P2000.

On my first night at Henann Prime, I booked for a Premier Room with Direct Pool Access.

I loooove my room!!! The room has well, a direct pool access, smart tv, a TUB!!!!, mini fridge, 2 beds, a nice bathroom and lighting. The resort is new. It only opened a week before my stay. So the duvet and sheets are still new. Yung tipong di pa sya sobrang lambot sa sobrang laba. Yeah that new!!!

My issue on this hotel was, they dont give water in pitchers. And when I asked for bucket of ice, kailangan isoli right away coz sa resto pa yon galing. No mini bar, though di naman ako kukuha coz expensive sya. But at least may laman yung fridge. Also, on my second day, a/c was leaking. As in, halos buhos yun tumutulong water. And I dont have anything para saluhin yun water. Found out, most of our rooms, tumulo ang a/c on that day. Wala naman kaso saken, wala naman nabasa sa things ko.

Nalungkot lang din ako on my second day sa hotel, coz typhoon Marce came, they closed the pool kase muntik na umapaw. Never ako nakapag swim at Henann, kahit 4 days ako nag-stay. Coz they opened it lang ulet was on sunday na, I was about to check out. Not their fault naman. So I have a reason para bumalik diba?!

Also, water on tub, unti unti nauubos. Hahahaha while I was bathing. And hot water, not that hot. So, few issues lang naman.

Also, the breakfast pala. Hmmm not so inviting. Di sya yun tipong pagkakita mo, kahit di ka gutom, magugutom ka or gusto mo kumain. They are on soft opening pa naman, so lets give them time.

At night when I went back to my room on my first day at the hotel, meron din sila turndown service, and saw fruits on my table. No utensils though. Hahaha

I transferred to Premier Room on my second night, its located on 4th floor, with pool view na lang. Hahaha I asked sana if I can stay na lang to my previous room since a lot naman ang na-cancelled ang flight due to typhoon and I will add na lang, but they said fully booked sila. Konti ng tao ah! hahaha

So there, no issues will stop me para bumalik sa hotel na to.

My Discovery Shores Experience


It was the best!

Why did I only booked one night at this posh hotel/resort?

My best friend is getting married at DSB. I wanted to book here and try to experience lang how to stay in a luxury hotel.

Early October they had a promo for November. Since I already booked at Henann Prime for my 4 days in Boracay, I booked my first night in Discovery Shores. So, I need to rebook my flight tuloy for November 24th to 23rd. But rebooking is expensive, I booked a new flight. Got lucky though, coz CebuPacific cancelled my flight on the 24th. Nakakuha ako ng refund 🙂

Anyway, I asked my dad if I can use the card and book my stay at DSB and will pay him na lang. He said yes, and I immediately confirmed my booking and paid right away.

I already imagined how I’m going to spend my first two days in Boracay.

I arrived at Caticlan on November 23rd at 6:30am. Found Ms. Julie waiting outside holding a DSB logo. I went to her and she said Ms. Vinluan? I said yes and she took my luggage, I told her ako na lang, but she said she has it.

She said we’ll wait for the van lang. And she gave me a bracelet with DSB logo. Ang cute.

Van came, and driver introduced himself as Ivan, greeted me a good morning and welcomed me. Siguro mga more than 5 minutes we arrived at the Fairways Welcome Center. Walang tao, ako lang. Hahaha

Ivan told me na we’ll wait for the boat lang be ready then alis na kame.

Few more mins, he went to me and said alis na kame, took my luggage and we walked. Introduced me to the boat driver (huhu I forgot kuya’s name 😦 ) he then took my luggage from Ivan and greeted me a good morning.

When we reached the boat, a lady was standing sa door holding a tray with cold towels. She offered ’em, took one coz nagpaa ako paakyat ng boat dahil may water and I dont know why pero I wore my Birkenstock kase.

Another lady approached me and handed me a bottled water and oatmeal cookie. I said thank you.

Then the boat attendant, Ms Grace introduced herself and welcomed me. Gave some instructions. And off we go.

We reached the jetty port in less than 10mins. They all said enjoy or something. Another driver, I think I heard he said his name was Audrey. He offered me mentos and greeted me. A little chit chat on the road. He showed me where Henann is located and said that pwede nila ako ihatid don when I check out at DSB. We reached DSB, everyone greeted me good morning again (hahaha totoo lang sa sobrang nice nila, napagod ako sumagot ng good morning and thank you sa kanila, but I love it. Kase ang babait nila). A guy gave me my welcome drink, and a girl named Nikka introduced herself and walked me to my room. She said that my room is available na (yey), and its only past 7. She showed me the room and gave me instructions and told me I can have my welcome foot wash later pag nakapag rest na ako. She asked for a P2500 deposit and left the room.

I looooooved my room, I booked for a Junior Suite, it has king size bed (well, one double and one single na pinagtabi), a day bed, a 42″ flat tv, mini bar, fridge, a/c, nespresso machine, etc. I took a nap, since wala pa akong tulog since Tuesday.

Naka 1 hour din ata ako ng nap. Later on met up with Sally and Len sa resto. Tapos we left na for lunch and I went back to my room gabi na. Waaah

When I got back, they prepared my room na rin for sleeping. Turndown service they say. I dont know, its my first time. Hahhaah

I love the animal made in towel in the day bed. They already served the pandan water and my welcome snacks.

Only took a shower coz I had to meet with the guys for a drink.

Went back to my room around 1. And I prepared myself to sleep.

Btw, had an issue with my bathroom. Water from drainage was overflowing and really smells bad. I called the front desk about it, pero walang dumating until I left that day eh. When I took a shower naman nung evening, ok sya. But the next morning, it overflowed again, I called the front desk again and sent someone from housekeeping. After checking, she said, may papapuntahin from I dont know where. But no one came. I even went to the front desk na rin to mention the problem pero wala talaga dumating to fix it. Until I checked out, so di ako nakapag shower.

But overall, I love my stay at Discovery Shores. I promise to go back.

LunchBox Diet


Okay, ayoko naman talaga sana mag-ganito pero no choice na ako. I cant exercise yet, and ang hirap mag-diet. Masyadong magastos ang mag-grocery pa at bumili ng mga ingredients na pang-diyeta. Plus, tamad akong magluto.

Three months before Sally’s wedding and I’m 130 lbs. I gained 4lbs since the operation. Hahaha di ko matanggap. Dati 124 lang naman ako eh, then nag 126 ako before ma-operahan or 2 weeks after. (Katatapos ko lang kase kumain nung mga time na nagpapa-check up ako at tinitimbang). So di ko sure talaga kung normal ko yun 126, coz ang tagal ko nang 124.

Bukod sa beach wedding na gusto kong paghandaan, kailangan bumaba ang BP ko. Kinda mataas kase ang BP ko, found out 2014 pa. Kaya need ko rin ang maging healthy.

And these diet delivery foods are cheap and healthy. But, compare saken, mahal na ito. Kase they cost P340/day or P1700/5 days. Libre lang kase pagkain ko dahil nasa bahay lang naman ang opisina. But kung mag-grocery ako, 2k plus inaabot ko then di ko maharap lutuin, sayang lang.

Nag-search ako for a week kung alin ang ok. Found LunchBox Diet, Fit Food Manila, Happy Fit Manila, Sexy Diet, Dear Diet Delivery, GourmadePH, etc. Mga hinanap ko are: free delivery, masarap na food, price and yun may ok na selection ng menu.

Winner is LunchBox Diet. I contacted them for free consultation. They suggested I get the 1500cal for my first week and 1200cal na sa susunod. But mas namamahalan na ako. (Kuripot mode). I ordered 1200cal pa rin.

Day 1 (Aug. 29, 2016) Menu:
Breakfast: Banana Cocoa Oatmeal
Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese
Dinner: Five Spice Fish Filet with Citrus Ponzu Sauce and Red Rice
Snacks: Strawberry Loaf Slice and Crackers with Cheese Pimiento Dip

I asked them if ok lang mag-coffee, yes daw but dapat decaf. (wala kame non, hahha so nag-brewed pa rin ako, pero nag-sip lang ako.)

Verdict: Breakfast: Banana Cocoa Oatmeal
– Okay naman, syempre knowing me mas gusto ko kung mas sweet pa sya. But not complaining kase di naman matabang. Kaya, OK sya.

Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese:
– I like my spaghetti very maasim. But it tastes good naman. Not sweet and may pinch ng asim. OK din.

Dinner: Five Spice Fish Fillet with Citrus Ponzu Sauce and Red Rice
– This is my fave. Masarap yun fillet. I like the sauce.

Snacks: Strawberry Loaf Slice and Crackers with Cheese Pimiento Dip:
– Simple lang yun loaf, di maasim kaya masarap din sya.
– Skyflakes Fit, ok naman pala sya. And the dip, not so maalat. OK din.

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Day 1

Day 2 (Aug. 30, 2016) Menu:
Breakfast: Egg Foo Young and Whole Wheat Pan de sal
Lunch: Lemon Rosemary Fish Fillet and Red Rice
Dinner: Ground Pork & Shredded Veggies with Peanut Sauce and Red Rice
Snacks: Blueberry Muffin and Fruit

Verdict: Breakfast: Egg Foo Young and Whole Wheat Pan de sal
– Medyo maanghang yun sauce.

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Day 2 Breakfast

Lunch: Lemon Rosemary Fish Fillet and Red Rice
– A little dry, pwede na.

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Day 2 Lunch

Snacks: Blueberry Muffin
– Good!

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Day 2 Snack 1

Dinner: Ground Pork & Shredded Veggies with Peanut Sauce and Red Rice
– Didnt like it. Di ko lang type lasa. Its just me ah, not that the food tastes bad. Ako lang talaga ang may di gusto. Di lang pasado sa panlasa ko, parang iba eh. Hahaha sorry naman.

Day 3 (Aug. 31, 2016):
Breakfast: Apple Cider Chicken Glazed w/ Smoked Paprika Salad Vinaigrette
Lunch: Pork Tenderloin w/ Chimichuri and Red Rice
Snacks: Pianono and Crackers with Roasted Garlic Dip
Dinner: Chinese Pepper Steak with Red Rice

BTW, I ate crackers for breakfast and I ate the salad as my snack.

Verdict: Snack: Apple Cider Chicken Glazed w/ Smoked Paprika Salad Vinaigrette
– Too maasim. Hahaha not my kind of asim on salad. I didnt like it.

Lunch: Pork Tenderloin w/ Chimichuri and Red Rice
– Its good. Ang saya ko lang na medyo malaki yun part ng ulam ko so pinapak ko na lang yun natira.

Dinner: Chinese Pepper Steak with Red Rice
– Masarap din naman sya. Parang sweet & sour beef. I like it!!

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Day 3

Day 4 (Sept. 1, 2016)
Breakfast: Arroz Caldo Chicken
Lunch: Tuyo Pasta
Snacks: Cheese Puto & Homemade Biko
Dinner: Dry Pork Sinigang with Red Rice

Verdict: Breakfast: Arroz Caldo Chicken
– I like the lugaw itself, not the chicken. Its maasim, breast kase. Alam naman natin maasim asim ang lasa ng chicken breast. No reklamo here ah!

Lunch: Tuyo Pasta
– I like tuyo, pag inulam. I never tried it with champorado kahit pair sila. So weird for me ang lasa but I finished it. Masarap din sya. Ayoko lang ng after taste tagal nawala eh. HEHEHE

Snacks: Cheese Puto & Homemade Biko
– I ate the puto nung afternoon, hmm no reklamo din. Di ko lang type. Biko though, simple and ok.

Dinner: Dry Pork Sinigang with Red Rice
– Now this is different. San ka nakakita ng sinigang pero walang sabaw? Hhehe pero masarap ah, pag tinikman mo yun pork and veggies it does taste sinigang. Pero pag sinama mo na sa rice, nawala yun lasa nya. I like that the pork is tender. I still like it.

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Day 4

Day 5 (Sept. 2, 2016)

Breakfast: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Lunch: Fish Fillet with Sambal Sauce and Red Rice
Snacks: Yogurt and Pineapple Chunk Jelly
Dinner: Asian Beef with Snow Peas and Red Rice

Verdict: Breakfast: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
– Parang asado roll. Hihi masarap naman din. Its ok.

Lunch: Fish Fillet with Sambal Sauce and Red Rice
– Its nice. Medyo naanghangan ako, pero masarap sya.

Snacks: Yogurt and Pineapple Chunk Jelly
– Ginawa kong panghimagas yun pineapple, in fairness parang fresh na pineapple ginamit and not yun mga naka pack na. Yogurt, I ate in the evening, di sya parang Nestle yogurt na may fruit bits, and good coz di masyadong lasa fruit salad.

Dinner: Asian Beef with Snow Peas and Red Rice
– It tastes good. Ang dami ng beef, bitin ako sa rice talaga. Hahaha ang hirap pag rice person ka. So pinapak ko na lang yun tira ko.

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Day 5

Ang pagkakamali ko dito, I should’ve get the 1500 or 1800 cal count. Nabigla yun pagkatao ko sa konting pagkain. Hahaha

I give LBD 3.5 stars. I will order to them again next time.



Sweet X

Sweet Ecstasy Manila

Sweet Ecstasy Manila

I saw this burger place on IG. Owned by Franny of Magic 89.9 (used to be a dj on RX) and her boyfriend or husband siguro. Inaaya ko RX friends ko matagal na kaso busy masyado at di magkatugma tugma ang dates na pwede ang lahat.

Then last Saturday, finally na-try ko rin.

But since I’m not a burger person, and 3 choices lang ang burgers (parang IN&Out lang hehe), I decided to get the wings na lang. Di pa rin kase ako talaga gutom. But next time, promise I will try their burger.

Joyce and I shared sa order namin. Onion rings (Php 100) and Sriracha Lime Wings (Php 220). A little spicy (when I say little, too hot na for me yon coz I’m not a fan of spicy food). And sa shake, I got the Kahlua Mocha, Joyce ordered Irish Oreo. Both have alcohol. No ice. (Both Php 160). Masarap sya. But a bit pricey for me yun shake. Its a small paper cup (or waxed or ano ba tawag sa cup na yan?) and its 160 bucks. If siguro kasing laki man lang ng grande size ng mga coffee shop or ng drinks ng Mcdo, pwede pa. But, I’m not saying I’m not ordering shakes again when I get back. Hahaha I love milkshakes.

Oh by the way, wala ba talaga dip ang wings?


Php 640 for this.

I’ll be back for your burger and more shakes!!!!

Sweet Ecstacy Manila
10 Jupiter St. cor Asteroid St.
Barangay Bel-Air, Makati
Open Mon-Sun 11am-12mn


Alagwa (Breakaway)


Received an invitation letter from Igersmanila last week. An MTVEXIT special screening of Alagwa. Since si Jeericho Rosales (my ultimate pinoy celebrity crush) and Bugoy Carino (super nacu-cute-an ako sa kanya). Sent a reply agad confirming my attendance. Ayun!

Synopsis: Robert (Jericho Rosales) is a single parent living with his only son Brian (Bugoy Cariño). Everyday he tends to prepare his son to school and goes to work as a salesman. One day, Robert decided to treat his Brian in a mall. He left his son momentarily in the comfort room to bet in a lotto outlet outside but when he comes back his son was already missing and its too late when he found out that his son was abducted by a syndicate. With the life of his son in jeopardy, Robert must take all the risk in the dark streets of Manila to find his son and bring him back alive. (Credit: Lakwatsera Lovers)

Loved the movie. I was teary eyed sa ending nya. Nakakasaket ng puso. Robert is not the passionate kind of guy, pero he loves his son too much. Kaya alam mo yon, nakakadurog ng puso. Kaya kahit last October 2013 pa pala sya pinalabas sa moviehouse, kebs lang. And palabas din sya ulet last night in Cinema1. Pinanood ko pa rin!

Thank you Igersmanila and MTVEXIT for our free tickets. Di ako nagsisi na sumama ako panoorin sya.

Kudos to Jericho Rosales, Bugoy Carino and sa buong cast! Thumbs up!!!

Love for Jap food.


Found this new Japanese fast food near our place. Actually, matagal ko na sya nakikita. And one day, I gave in. Tsaka my brother said masarap daw don.

Maayos naman sa loob, ok naman mga staffs. Pagpasok mo igi-greet ka nila ng I dont know hahaha Japanese chorva eh. I’m guessing “welcome” hahahahahaha

Di ko pa nakitang maraming tao sa loob. Pero mas gusto ko na yon kesa sa matao at maingay.

I never liked California maki before. Dito ko pa lang nagustuhan. Masarap food nila, nakakabusog at higit sa lahat, mura!!! 🙂

California Combo

California Combo (P180)

Miso Soup

Miso Soup


Here’s my favorite at J.Boy, California Combo: 8 pieces California Roll, 1 piece Shrimp Tempura, 2pcs Kangkong, 1pc Talong, 1 pc squash and masarap na Miso Soup.

We also tried Pork Katsudon (P135), Shrimp Tempura (P185; 5 pcs Shrimp Tempura, Rice, 1pc Squash, 1pc Talong, 2pcs Kangkong), Shrimp & Fish Tempura (P130; 2pcs Shrimp, 2pcs Fish, 2pcs Kangkong, 1pc Squash, 1pc Talong). So far yan pa lang ang favorites.

Pork Katsudon (P135)

Pork Katsudon (P135)

Shrimp Tempura (P185)

Shrimp Tempura (P185)

I’m just happy one trike ride lang ito from our place. I give them 4 Stars!