Nope, it’s not Social Security number guys.

This 4 capital S you see on your boarding pass is the S you dont want to see when traveling.

Last year, day before our flight to the US, I couldnt check in online. But when I tried to check in daddy, it went through naman. Hmm medyo natakot ako kase ang natatandaan ko lang parang something about security that I need to check in at the airport na.

Well, buti maaga aga kame nagpunta sa airport.

Nag-check in ako pagpasok pa lang sa kiosk. And a Delta employee helped us printe our boarding passes. I didnt notice pa this SSSS.

Went pass thru the Immigration and another x-ray where you need to remove your shoes, watches, belt, coins anything na tutunog.

Until we reached our gate. Don lang ako sinabihan ng isang Delta staff na I need to be screened. And dont worry she says coz one time lang daw ito. So I went inside this cubicle and she asked me to show my hands, nakaharap sa taas and nakaharap sa baba, she also asked me to lift my shirt, hanggang bandang bra lang naman. They were nice naman. And that’s it. I asked if lumabas ba ako ng gate, do I need to do it again, no daw. Buti  naman din. And wala naman na ulet ganon when we arrived and left Narita, and Atlanta.

Wala ako alam about this until yesterday. When my friend posted his boarding pass on facebook and binilugan nya yang SSSS and with a caption “Randomized”. Nagka bulb light agad ako and naalala ko yung saken. I remember staff saying na ramdomized screening lang daw.

I googled it. Hassle much pala yon for others. Like bubuksan pa yun bag mo, and kung ano ano atang interview and all. It’s a good thing super dali lang nung saken.

So I checked my boarding pass, voila. There’s SSSS under my name.



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