Bucketlist or Things I want to do before I die


Before, ako yung tao na come what may. Yung, kung mangyayari yan, mangyayari yan. Wala ako masyado pangarap before, wala akong mga gusto na alam kong hindi ko magagawa or makakaya.

Pero ngayon, isa na ako sa mga buma-bucketlist. Well, di naman ako masyado seryoso sa bucketlist ko. Gusto ko lang gumawa para lang malay mo diba. Or bigla nangyari ng di ko naman sinasadya. Eh di pwede ko na sya i-scratch.

So months back, gumawa ako ng bucketlist ko. Lugar at mga gusto ko magawa.


– Skydive
– Freedive/Scubadive
– Visit Paris (see Eiffel Tower)
– Swim with the dolphins
– Kiss in the rain
– Be loved
– Bungee jump
– Selfie with Ian Somerhalder
– Live on a beach house
– Travel Japan
– Go on a cruise (Caribbean)
– Experience Snow
– Watch JLo/Justin Timberlake live
– Meet Ian Somerhalder/Bruce WIllis
– Have a child/children
– Travel alone
– Watch the sunset/sunrise with the one I love
– Camp in the woods
– Hug a panda
– Forgive someone I loathe
– Ski
– Own a Honda CRV (coz its my initials)
– Stay on a Hostel
– Climb a mountain
– Travel rest of the provinces in the Philippines



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