My Discovery Shores Experience


It was the best!

Why did I only booked one night at this posh hotel/resort?

My best friend is getting married at DSB. I wanted to book here and try to experience lang how to stay in a luxury hotel.

Early October they had a promo for November. Since I already booked at Henann Prime for my 4 days in Boracay, I booked my first night in Discovery Shores. So, I need to rebook my flight tuloy for November 24th to 23rd. But rebooking is expensive, I booked a new flight. Got lucky though, coz CebuPacific cancelled my flight on the 24th. Nakakuha ako ng refund ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I asked my dad if I can use the card and book my stay at DSB and will pay him na lang. He said yes, and I immediately confirmed my booking and paid right away.

I already imagined how I’m going to spend my first two days in Boracay.

I arrived at Caticlan on November 23rd at 6:30am. Found Ms. Julie waiting outside holding a DSB logo. I went to her and she said Ms. Vinluan? I said yes and she took my luggage, I told her ako na lang, but she said she has it.

She said we’ll wait for the van lang. And she gave me a bracelet with DSB logo. Ang cute.

Van came, and driver introduced himself as Ivan, greeted me a good morning and welcomed me. Siguro mga more than 5 minutes we arrived at the Fairways Welcome Center. Walang tao, ako lang. Hahaha


Ivan told me na we’ll wait for the boat lang be ready then alis na kame.

Few more mins, he went to me and said alis na kame, took my luggage and we walked. Introduced me to the boat driver (huhu I forgot kuya’s name ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) he then took my luggage from Ivan and greeted me a good morning.

When we reached the boat, a lady was standing sa door holding a tray with cold towels. She offered ’em, took one coz nagpaa ako paakyat ng boat dahil may water and I dont know why pero I wore my Birkenstock kase.

Another lady approached me and handed me a bottled water and oatmeal cookie. I said thank you.

Then the boat attendant, Ms Grace introduced herself and welcomed me. Gave some instructions. And off we go.

We reached the jetty port in less than 10mins. They all said enjoy or something. Another driver, I think I heard he said his name was Audrey. He offered me mentos and greeted me. A little chit chat on the road. He showed me where Henann is located and said that pwede nila ako ihatid don when I check out at DSB. We reached DSB, everyone greeted me good morning again (hahaha totoo lang sa sobrang nice nila, napagod ako sumagot ng good morning and thank you sa kanila, but I love it. Kase ang babait nila). A guy gave me my welcome drink, and a girl named Nikka introduced herself and walked me to my room. She said that my room is available na (yey), and its only past 7. She showed me the room and gave me instructions and told me I can have my welcome foot wash later pag nakapag rest na ako. She asked for a P2500 deposit and left the room.

I looooooved my room, I booked for a Junior Suite, it has king size bed (well, one double and one single na pinagtabi), a day bed, a 42″ flat tv, mini bar, fridge, a/c, nespresso machine, etc. I took a nap, since wala pa akong tulog since Tuesday.


Naka 1 hour din ata ako ng nap. Later on met up with Sally and Len sa resto. Tapos we left na for lunch and I went back to my room gabi na. Waaah

When I got back, they prepared my room na rin for sleeping. Turndown service they say. I dont know, its my first time. Hahhaah

I love the animal made in towel in the day bed. They already served the pandan water and my welcome snacks.

Only took a shower coz I had to meet with the guys for a drink.

Went back to my room around 1. And I prepared myself to sleep.

Btw, had an issue with my bathroom. Water from drainage was overflowing and really smells bad. I called the front desk about it, pero walang dumating until I left that day eh. When I took a shower naman nung evening, ok sya. But the next morning, it overflowed again, I called the front desk again and sent someone from housekeeping. After checking, she said, may papapuntahin from I dont know where. But no one came. I even went to the front desk na rin to mention the problem pero wala talaga dumating to fix it. Until I checked out, so di ako nakapag shower.

But overall, I love my stay at Discovery Shores. I promise to go back.


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