My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is my second time to attend a beach wedding, and Boracay ulet. At same year. At same circle of friends. Hihihi

Sally got married last saturday at Discovery Shores Boracay. Sally and Damien were married already on a civil ceremony last year in Australia.

We, the bride’s friends already bought our plane tickets a year ahead.

I arrived in Boracay on Wednesday, 23rd of November. Checked in at Discovery Shores.

Before lunch, I already met up with Sally, Chloe, Len and Syl. Talked about stuffs for the wedding and bridal shower. Then we had lunch at Residencia Boracay with Sally’s parents and Damien’s friends.


After lunch, went to Henann Prime where Sally’s parents are staying. Stayed there til 4:30. I’m joining Sally and their Aussie friends and families for sunset watching on a paraw. Contacted James and Gladz if they want to join us. They said yes.

Meeting place was Obama Grill. Ordered margarita already, but we need to be at Station 2 na for the paraw.

We had so much to chika, di na namin napansin ang sunset. As in umikot agad yun boat and bumalik na kame. That was it. Hahahaha

After the paraw, went back to Obama to claim our margarita, chika, and biglang dinner na rin. But Gladz, James and I didnt eat dinner, we just ordered hotdog.

Lily and Eli are God’s wonderful creation. Hahaha sobrang ganda and gwapo ng mga batang yon. They enjoyed the hotdog. And mango shake. Especially Lily, she also liked the bulalo.

Met a new friend, CJ. She’s Thai, married to Jackson, Damien’s friend and living in Sydney. We told her that after dinner, we’re going out for drinks. She declined and said that she will join us tomorrow after the bridal shower.

Went back to our rooms, took a shower. James and I met up with Sally and Gladz at Bomboms. Stayed til 12ish.

Thursday, woke up just in time for breakfast. I went to the resto, ate my breakfast. Waited for Yoyce and Sawah. They came after ko na kumain. After few minutes, Tin, Brian and Oli came na rin. We all went to my room. I packed and asked for late check out.

Len called me and nasa resto na rin sila, they have a meeting with Ms. Au. I went to meet them and waited for Sally.

And naghiwahiwalay na rin around 1. Tapos they all went din sa room ko. Stayed there til 2. In time for check out, and nagpahatid na kame at Henann.

I checked in. Took a shower. Get ready for the bridal shower.

I arrived at Tides almost 5pm. Otch and Gladz were there sa lobby waiting for me. Sabay sabay na kame umakyat.

Met with other female Aussies. Then other friends. Catch up. And left after the party. We had dinner (Otch, Gladz, me and Mader) at Inasal in D’Mall.

After dinner, went back to our hotel rooms to change for a night out. Kaso, umulan. So I decided to just stay and take a bath. When my tub is almost done, the guys messaged me and said that they’re still going out. Since the rain has stopped.

Yoyce said that Mei, Sarah and Tintin are out with them, nagbihis ako kaagad. Bihira lang sumama ang mga yan. Hahaha At 1, I went to D’Mall alone.

We stayed out til almost 4am I think. Di na tumitigil ang ambon.

On Friday, woke up with heavy rain. Oh no. Dumating na ang bagyo. We all didnt go out coz of the rain and wind. Transferred rooms from my direct pool access to premier room at the 4th floor.

Since di makalabas, tinuloy ko ang bath ko. Hahaha and at 5:14 I received a text from Sally that there’s a rehearsal at 6pm. Waaah.. Ora orada ako kumilos and went to DSB.

After rehearsal, we all stayed at Otch’s room for super kwentuhan. Di na kame nakapag dinner, so Otch ordered nachos na lang. Uwian at 1 or 2. I forgot what time na. Sayang di kame nakapag jacuzzi.

Saturday, the big day. Woke up at almost 8:30 am ata. I immediately texted Gladz na kakagising ko lang. Ang naghilamos ako at pumunta na ako sa DSB. Otch told me na I can claim her breakfast na lang. So Gladz and I ate pa. Then went back to their room to get ready. Sally told me that we needed to be at her room at 11am for photoshoot. Hmmm baket maaga, eh 4:30pm pa ang wedding. But nagmadali kame. Went down at 12, turned out, di pa kame kailangan. Balik daw kame 1:30 coz si bride lang muna kukunan.

Si Otch lumala ang ubo, sobrang sama na ng pakiramdam nya. Nag-start na ako mag dysmenorrhea. Nakababa kame 3pm na, si Sal palabas na ng room coz kukunan. We asked if kasali na kame, photogs said later na. So we ate na lang muna. Until nag-start na wedding.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The weather was nice since morning. Sun is out until before the wedding. As in 10mins ago before nagstart, kumulimlim. And when we’re all lined up, it started to drizzle. They gave us umbrellas, sabi ko “ano maglalakad kame may bouquet and payong?” hahaha

Well, we had the umbrellas nung naka upo na. And since may ulan, di ko na nalabas phone ko, so wala akong picture ni Sally while walking the aisle and sa buong ceremony. It was short… Really short. like less than 15 minutes I think.

After the wedding, rain stopped din. We had cocktails while waiting for the reception. I think don pa lang, a little lightheaded nako.

Reception na, they introduced us. Sally and Damien had their first dance. Father and daughter dance, Mother and groom dance. Picture. Dinner. Program. Party.

Party ended at 11:15, what???? Aussie’s have a send off tradition, so we didnt see the couple again until we left on sunday. No goodnights and hugs to the bride na.

So some of the Aussie guys and us, went to Epic coz bitin pa kame. Kaso di na sumunod yun iba. We didnt finish na rin yun 2 bottles na kinuha nila. But I missed dancing ah. Kaya nagsasaket tahi ko since bumalik ako eh. HAHAHAHA

Sunday, I woke up I think around 8 or later. Had breakfast, went for a walk. Well, to buy water actually. Went back to my room. Talked to James and asked if I can stay to his hotel. So I checked out early.

And the first time nakapag swim ako, sa hotel pa ni James at Two Seasons. Hahahaha

Yoyce and Roch came ng 12 ata. I took a shower and pack. And we left at 2pm. Met up with Ezi and Bong at the port. Arrived Kalibo Airport quarter to 5 ata. In fairness, di sobrang delayed ang flight namin. Back in Manila at before past 7. Yoyce, Roch and I ate dinner muna at Wendy’s. Then sinundo nako ni Derick.

I was in Boracay for 5 days, pero hindi ko naramdaman. SOooo bitin. But I had fun with friends.


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