2015 Travels





  1. Boracay – my forever favorite island in the world (as of now coz I’ve never been to any beach outside Philippines. Oh except in 2002, when I was in the US nag-beach kame in Venice, not pretty hahaha). This was biglaan, as two of my long time friends planned in going. Kinulit ako and 2 days before the trip, I bought a roundtrip ticket.
  2. Baserri de Lipa – obviously, it is located in Batangas. This was a Holy Week panata with my bff’s. But since Sally was here for a short vacay only and no definite plans, Otchie looked for a place where we can spend our Holy Week. At dahil Holy Week nga, puno ang lahat. End up mag overnight na lang at dito nga nakakita si Otch ng may available room.
  3. Nasugbu – another Batangas getaway. It was Jemjem’s birthday and we want to go to the beach lang. I told Alfie we can share na lang. Sya naman din talaga ang may gusto mag out of town. I am happy kase nag-enjoy naman si Jem, even si Brenda eh nakabakasyon.
  4. Laiya – guess what, Batangas again. Hahahaha it was our company outing, and ayaw masyado lumayo. We stayed at Kabayan Beach Resort, good thing they have available room. Yun lang, good for 20 people and 7 lang kame. I enjoyed naman kahit di ko ma-enjoy yun dagat. Ang dami pang tao.
  5. Calaguas – actually, mas favorite ko na sya kesa sa Boracay. But I just cant stop coming to Boracay. I was with the Avon peeps, we booked a tour with Yapak ni Jose! Ang saya kase solo namin ang van, and comfortable. Di ako nabitin sa water and ice.
  6. Dasol – Pangasinan. My second time here. Independence day holiday and nangangati nako maglakwatsa. Good thing, may gala sila Joyce and sinama ako. I had fun, and super tawanan yung trip.
  7. Magalawa Island – Zambales. I’ve heard about this couple of months before kame nakapunta rin. Buti sumama ako, ganda sya. And memorable yun trip because of my ATM moment.
  8. Cebu – my second time in Cebu. Biglaan. At least this time, nakapasyal ako. We went to two  of 90+ falls in Cebu. When I heard we’re going to the falls instead of the beach, na-sad ako sa totoo lang. But, di ko pa rin pinagsisihan kase I had fun! The trecking and sitting on that cliff just for a photo, was just liberating. I was too scared kase ayoko sa mga edges, pero ang saya!

Ang konti ng 2015 ko, but better than none. I wish for more travels in 2016.

And my wishlist are:
Enchanted River in Surigao
Bantayan Island, Cebu
More of El Nido




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