Magnum Manila


Magnum Manila is a Pop Up Store in SM Aura Premier. Heard about this couple of months ago and never thought of coming here. Never a fan of Magnum.

Anyway, my sister is visiting from the States, and I think my brother is craving and asked us to meet in SM Aura. Hmm never ko rin inasam makapunta sa mall na ito. Then, he asked if we want to try Magnum Manila. Hmm sige na nga. Waited for my sister na galing ng Divi and told her our brother wants to meet. Kung feel ba nila. We decided to go, at pag uwi na lang kame mag-dinner, since hapon pa nasa Aura kapatid namin at 7pm na.

Drove to SM Aura, salamat sa Waze. In fairness, hindi katulad ng ibang SM Malls ang Aura, maganda sya.

We met our brother and sister-in-law at Magnum Manila. Waited to be seated for at least 5 mins (kanina pa sila nakapila don :D)

Iba pala ang pila ng mga mag-dine in and for take outs. And those Make-Your-Own are for take outs lang pala. But you can eat them there hahaha

We ordered Buttered Onion Rings (P180) para may panlaban sa tamis and also, I’m hungry na. And of course, ang mga matatamis na Magnum na. Death by Chocolate (P250) is my favorite, also Cookie Dough Skillet (P250) they’re really delicious and Fondue for Two (P350) na actually, sobra pa sya sa 2 persons. I ordered Chocolate Milk Shake (P160) too coz they dont have cold water (a big problem for me). Also ordered 1 Signature flavor from Make My Own Magnun for take out. In fairness, puro desserts pero busog kaming lahat. At, masuka suka sa sobrang tamis ng mga kinain namin. Went home with a happy tummy pa rin.

Will I go back, maybe. I want to try some of their desserts pa. And maybe, pag craving lang and/or kung may mag-aya.IMG_6645IMG_6653IMG_6666





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