The Buffalo Wings Craving


Was tired and wanted to go out. So I messaged the Bff on Skype, asked her if she wanted to have coffee. Agreed and off I go to fetch her.

On our way to 6750, humirit ng she wants buffalo wings and she’s hungry. Hahaha sabi ko nung weekend pa yon, and if she wants we can skip coffee and go to Wingman instead. Go ang lola ko, so umikot ako ng Shangri-La and went to Wingman in Malugay.

No table available yet outside kaya we sat sa bar and ordered her buffalo wings. We didnt get the Half dozen na since I’m not into it naman at the moment and I am not that hungry. But when I saw the Quesadillas, ok we both wanted it. So we ordered.

They have this Solo Flight, 3 pieces of wings, rice and a drink for P180, not bad. So yon na lang and the quesadillas. Then, I ordered Sangria. Hmm masarap sya, for a glass of Sangria (P130), I left tipsy. Hahaha not cheap.

Quesadillas (P230)

Quesadillas (P230)

Solo Flight (P180)

Solo Flight (P180)


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