Lunch at Simple Lang


Met up with my 4TheWin lovies, Simon and Gem for lunch. Actually, kukunin ko lang yun order kong Herb’s Tuyo kay Gem.

Simple Lang is a Filipino Restaurant in Ayala Triangle. I’ve a feeling that Ilocano dishes ang sine-serve nila. Haha sosi pinoy food.

It’s the first time na narinig ko yun resto, it was Simon who suggested it. They have free soup and unli rice for 20bucks after ordering your first cup of rice (P45). Bottomless Lemon Iced Tea for P150, kinda too sweet lang.

Ordered three dishes, they look konti, pero they’re really not. Hindi pa namin naubos food namin. And its delicious.

4TW Simon and Gem

4TW Simon and Gem

Crispy "Chop Chop" Pork Belly Dinakdakan (P195)

Crispy “Chop Chop” Pork Belly Dinakdakan (P195)

Ginataang Manok ni Kuya (P260)

Ginataang Manok ni Kuya (P260)

M.B.T. Monggo, Bagnet, Tinapa (P175)

M.B.T. Monggo, Bagnet, Tinapa (P175)

My favorite is the Dinakdakan, its really good. Second was M.B.T. I’m not into Tinapa kase. But, ok sya dami ring Bagnet. My least fave was the Manok ni Kuya, I don’t know why. Pero masarap naman sya.


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